Mission Statement

Her Pink Passport is a brand that represents independent, freedom loving women. Our mission is to create a space for women that love to explore, travel and spread joy across the globe with confidence and style. We aim to create unique shirt designs that become an extension of you and your travel experience. Join the movement because of "the future of travel is pink".

About Us

Her Pink Passport was created by our CEO Alisha in 2021. She wanted to create a t-shirt brand for women that represented her love of fashion and passion for traveling.  Our slogan is: The Future of Travel is Pink because we are building a community of women traveling the world.  Our aim is to spread joy, confidence and style to women of diverse backgrounds that share the same love of travel. Her Pink Passport is here to change the way we think of travel and to ignite a fierce confidence within female travelers. It empowers female travelers to follow their adventures, take control of their life and live their dreams. Join the movement. .